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Finding Inner Strength with Christina Kozlowski, LMHC

April 28, 2024

Christina Kozlowski, LMHC ditches the one-size-fits all approach to therapy to embrace a holistic and relational practice that focuses on the client as a whole person with existing strengths and abilities to meet life’s challenges. 

She addresses mental health challenges from a comprehensive perspective which involves the many layers that make up an individual, and the many factors that impact an individual’s health and wellbeing: including their environment, families, lifestyle, physical health, relationships, and the culture/society in which they live. 

Christina will utilize a spectrum of modalities, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Strengths-Based Therapy, and Mindfulness Therapy to help clients develop new tools to meet life’s challenges, and tap into their strengths to heal, grow, and discover their potential. 

We sat down with Christina to learn more about her approach to working with clients online and in person from our Franklin office.

What inspired you to become a mental health counselor?

After experiencing multiple losses in my family to overdoses and murder, I began working with a therapist to process the loss and learn new ways to cope with the transition. I felt inspired to support others along their path of healing which led me to receive my undergraduate degree in psychology and master’s degree in mental health counseling.

What experiences have you had in the mental health field that inform your practice today?

My previous experiences in the field involve working in acute settings, including community and mobile crisis, in psychiatric units, and providing clinical services in a community multidisciplinary team for individuals with severe and persistent mental health issues. 

Through working with a diverse caseload of adolescents and adults experiencing a wide range of mental health conditions, I’ve learned that there’s no one-size-fits all approach to therapy. The client is the expert on their life, and I’m here to listen and understand, rather than instruct. 

I’ve also received training for trauma-informed cognitive-behavioral therapy, an evidence-based treatment approach shown to help individuals address distorted beliefs and old patterns of thought, and learn skills to help them cope with life challenges.

How would you describe your therapeutic approach?

My approach to therapy is person-centered and holistic. 

I believe that everyone experiences unique challenges throughout their lives, and conversely, everyone possesses unique strengths to help them through their struggles. As a therapist, my job is to help clients develop the tools they need to tap into their inner strengths, resulting in a more satisfying and authentic life.

I focus on understanding the client as a whole person within their environment, which includes their physical bodies, families, institutions, culture, and society within which they live. I’ll then utilize different therapeutic modalities to help the client tap into their positive strengths and abilities to create positive and enduring changes in their life.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) may help clients clarify the root of negative thoughts or beliefs about themselves that may be unintentionally hindering their growth. We’ll work on replacing old patterns of belief and behavior with positive ways of thinking and behaving that are in alignment with their authentic self. 

We’ll also practice deep breathing exercises and body scanning techniques to recognize where our emotions show up in our body, resulting in a better understanding of what’s going on inside.

What mental health conditions and life situations do you offer counseling for?

I’m here to safely support clients who are experiencing:

What do you enjoy most about being a therapist?

It’s always rewarding to witness the client’s excitement toward their progress and the changes they’ve created in their lives. I love to watch clients remove barriers that stand in their way of reaching their personal goals and potential.

How do you take care of your own mental health and wellbeing?

Well, I’ve been going to therapy for a long time. I also make time for self-care practices, like getting outside in nature, exercising, and practicing compassion toward myself. 

There are many self-help books out there. I think if you can find a book that speaks to you, it’s helpful to hold onto. 

Scheduling an appointment with Christina Kozlowski, LMHC:

Christina understands that seeking therapy can feel intimidating for many, because she has been there too. As an empathetic, collaborative, and strengths-based therapist, Christina will safely help you develop new tools and tap into your inner strengths to meet life’s challenges. 

She will listen to you without judgment, help you clarify the root of old patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve you, and celebrate your progress and transformation.

To start working with Christina online or in-person from our Franklin office, contact us today at (413) 343-4357.

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