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Anxiety Treatment & Counseling in Massachusetts

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Millions of people around the world struggle with the debilitating effects of anxiety, including approximately 40 million people every year in just the United States! Because of this, it’s important to understand a few things about anxiety- the first is that you are not alone in your fight. The second is that because anxiety disorders are so common, they are highly treatable. Anxiety often causes feelings of hopelessness and isolation, but the right support helps show us that we can overcome anything. Contact Handel Behavioral Health at (413) 343-4357 to find out more about our therapists and counselors in Amherst, Franklin, West Springfield and Wilbraham Massachusetts can help you manage treat anxiety and anxiety related issues.

Treatment and Therapy for Anxiety at HBH

One of the hardest parts of anxiety and anxiety disorders is that it can be so overwhelming that it’s even difficult to seek help. At HBH Therapy, we offer a variety of counselors and treatment methods tailored to your needs so that we can provide you with the unique support that you need. With years of experience, our trained professionals will help find the root causes of your anxiety and provide a variety of tactics and coping mechanisms to help you recognize and overcome your anxiety, even after your treatment program is finished. Taking the first step of simply finding a therapist that you’re comfortable with can seem daunting at first, but once you do, you’ll be glad you did and you’ll be well on your way to overcoming anxiety. Our anxiety counselors are trained and ready to guide you on your journey to better mental health and a more enjoyable life. 

How to Know if You Have Anxiety

Anxiety is something that often goes untreated until it gets severe and becomes overwhelming to even the strongest people. We’ll often try to convince ourselves that it’s just normal feelings of worry or tell ourselves that it might be bad, but others have it worse and we need to just be better. But these poor rationalizations will only make things worse. Many times the only way to “be better” is to seek help from mental health treatment professionals such as a therapist, psychiatrist, or counselor. Finding help for anxiety doesn’t make you weak, in fact, it will actually make you stronger and you’ll be happy when you look back.

So, how do you know if you have anxiety? We’ll discuss some of the signs of anxiety as well as some common anxiety disorders, but first, it might be time to ask yourself a few questions. Why do I worry so much? Why do I have trouble falling asleep? Why am I scared to meet new people? How can I stop worrying about the past? Why do I always feel like I’m not enough? Anxiety could be the root cause of a lot of these worries. If you’re constantly questioning yourself, it may be time to talk to a mental health professional.

By turning these “why” questions into “how” questions, we can start being productive in our mental health recovery journey. For example, How can I control my worries? How will I find the treatment for anxiety? How do I know if psychiatry, counseling, or therapy is best for my needs? How can I overcome anxiety? At Handel Behavioral Health, our experienced mental health staff will help find the answers to all of these questions and more. Guiding you throughout your entire recovery path, our mission is to help you overcome your anxiety and get back on track. The only question left to answer is: when should I seek treatment for my anxiety? 

When to Seek Treatment for an Anxiety Disorder

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their lives. From the stress of work to relationship troubles, losing a loved one- there are many causes of anxiety. However, if these feelings begin to persist for long periods of time or we aren’t able to function because of them, it’s time to seek help. Often, this help comes in the form of an anxiety treatment program. Before diagnosing an anxiety disorder, it’s important to recognize the signs and symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety Symptoms Include:

  • Excessive worry
  • Insomnia (difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep)
  • Panic attacks
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Feelings of restlessness
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Upset stomach or muscle tension

Depending on the symptoms, there are several anxiety disorders that someone could have. How we treat these symptoms and disorders varies from patient to patient because there are often deeper problems beyond just a diagnosis. With that said, it’s still important to recognize some of the major anxiety disorders.

Common Anxiety Disorders Include:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder- this involves persistent symptoms of anxiety caused by daily life and events around you.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder- this typically means a high level of fear, worry, or anxiety in social situations or feelings of embarrassment, low self-esteem, and fear of judgment.
  • Panic Disorder- this involves recurrent panic attacks that cause intense but quick feelings of terror, danger, and physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, rapid heart rate, and many others. 
  • Specific Phobias- as opposed to Generalized Anxiety Disorder which is common in everyday life and is not always directed towards one situation, phobias are highly specific and involve panic attacks, stress, and other symptoms depending on the person.

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If you’ve come this far, you’re already on your journey to recovery from anxiety and anxiety disorders. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is a new chance at living your best life. By taking the first step and joining an anxiety treatment program, you’ll be doing exactly that. At HBH Therapy, our trained and experienced counselors are ready to guide you on this path to recovery and give you the tools you need to keep living a healthy life, even after treatment is finished. Contact us today by calling (413) 343-4357 or request an appointment online and start taking your life back from anxiety!