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Mental Health Therapy, Counseling & Psychiatry in Wilbraham, MA

With so much stress in our modern lives, it’s often easy to become overwhelmed to the point that it starts affecting our mental health. Mental health problems can affect even the strongest people and take the joy from life. But mental health treatment and recovery in Massachusetts is possible with our team of counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists in Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

Our Wilbraham location services areas such as:

  • The greater Wilbraham area
  • The Pioneer Valley 
  • Hampden County
  • Western Massachusetts 

We are always available near you! Mental health issues can make us feel isolated and burdened. Our psychologists share a goal of making sure you understand that you are not alone and that you don’t have to carry the weight and trouble all by yourself. Mental health recovery is just a phone call or click away with Handel Behavioral Health so reach out today!

Seeking Mental Health Treatment in Wilbraham, Massachusetts

Are you losing interest in your favorite activities or even the people in your life? Do you ask yourself questions like: why am I so lonely? Why am I always unmotivated at work? Why am I constantly worrying? If so, it may be time to seek out mental health treatment in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. 

Our team of highly compassionate and highly experienced psychiatrists, counselors, and therapists in western Massachusetts are ready to help you overcome any difficulties you might be having with yur mental health and show you sustainable and practical coping mechanisms to help you deal with mental health struggles even if you decide to end your counseling.

Our offices are clean, private, and welcoming to you and your family. Our waiting rooms offer beverages such as coffee, tea, and water and are fully equipped with the latest COVID safety precautions. With wifi, charging stations, and modern and comfortable furnishings, our offices provide a safe and enjoyable environment for any needs.

In addition to traditional in-person therapy and counseling, we proudly offer virtual sessions to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your counseling. We understand that many people have busy schedules and can’t always find time in their day to go to an office so our virtual counseling sessions are a great alternative! Our telehealth counselors are all HIPAA compliant and we offer both phone and video counseling so you can choose whatever is best for your needs.

Personalized Mental Health Treatment in Wilbraham, MA

Finding the right help for mental health issues can sometimes be scary at first. In addition to the many forms of mental illnesses, you also have to consider the expertise of the counselor and your chemistry with them. 

Our team of counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists specialize in many areas including:

In addition to the many illnesses, disorders, and struggles in which our team has experience, we also offer many specialized programs, therapies, mental health services and techniques. Some of these specialties include:

  1. Couples counseling
  2. Child and Adolescent therapy
  3. Life coaching
  4. Family therapy
  5. LGBTQ+ friendly counseling
  6. In-person and online counseling

Finding the right treatment can be overwhelming but at Handel Behavioral Health, we do our best to make this as easy as possible so you can begin your counseling or psychiatry and get on the road to recovery. Your mental health is your health and we believe your health is the most important thing in life. Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help, and we’re here and ready for when you do!

Our dedicated therapists and nurse practitioners want you to consider your value and the value of your mental health. You may have your own healthy and, let’s face it, maybe even unhealthy (I’m looking at you, second glass of Chardonnay!) coping techniques. These may work for an evening or for years with varying side effects.

But speaking with a professional psychologist or psychiatrist can make all the difference with no side effects and move you forward with momentum that could last a lifetime.

Get Mental Health Treatment in Wilbraham, Massachusetts with Handel Behavioral Health

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