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Therapist in Western MA: Amanda Jacques

June 29, 2022

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An Introduction to Amanda Jacques, LMHC, MEd

If you’re looking to connect with a licensed mental health counselor in West Springfield, Wilbraham, or Amherst, Massachusetts, Amanda Jacques, LMHC, MEd might be the therapist for you. 

Amanda Jacques, LMHC, MEd offers different types of therapy for individuals, teens, and children, across a wide range of specialities including depression, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD/ADD), attachment disorder, eating disorders, life transitions, relationship concerns, and sensory processing disorders. 

After receiving her Masters in education from Springfield college Amanda spent the next 17 years working as a licensed mental health counselor. She developed a passion for working with children and teens across many different settings, including schools, inpatient, group homes, early intervention, and outpatient offices throughout Eastern and Central Massachusetts. 


As well as working with her patients out of our offices in West Springfield, Wilbraham, and Amherst, Amanda is busy raising her two children. 

I understand that life can be full of challenges. I’m a single mom, and I grew up in a divorced family. I’m not going to tell my patients to read out of books and do worksheets. I know that real change begins with human connection and exposing our vulnerabilities.

Amanda Jacques, LMHC, MEd

To learn more about Amanda, what brought her into the field of counseling, and what to expect from working with her, please read on.

What Therapeutic Modalities Do You Use?

Amanda primarily uses Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a common form of talk therapy, to help her patients take a step back from the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are negatively impacting their lives. 

We all follow unique patterns of behavior, and some of those patterns keep us stuck in a constant loop of negative thoughts and feelings. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps us discover what patterns of behavior are keeping us stuck, and what new behaviors align with our ultimate goals.

Amanda Jacques, LMHC, MEd

She often turns to mindfulness practices to help her patients recenter and gain awareness of what’s going on in the here and now, when life feels stressful and overwhelming. 

She also offers play therapy and art therapy to her younger patients.

What Specialties Do You Treat?

Amanda has experience working with individuals, teenagers, and children facing various challenges including:

Amanda works with a lot of younger children experiencing behavioral disorders and with children on the spectrum. She also works with children, teenagers, and adults through life-transitions: from social, to behavioral, financial, and health issues. 

Amanda understands that change can be frightening, but recognizes its full potential to foster growth and self-improvement in every individual. She likes to use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness Therapies to help individuals who are experiencing stress, depression, and anxiety around major life changes.

How Would You Describe Your Therapeutic Style?

Counseling sessions with Amanda are centered on self-actualization and personal growth. 

I like to meet my patients where they’re at. When someone comes in to work through a specific issue, I’ll slowly develop a sense of who they are and how they operate on a regular basis. I encourage my patients to understand and improve how they feel about their life and how they relate to others.

Amanda Jacques, LMHC, MEd

Amanda uses person-centered talk therapy, a non-directive therapeutic approach where the client and therapist act as allies throughout the healing process. A person-centered therapist allows the patient to direct the session. 

I focus on creating an environment that feels comfortable and real, where the patient can explore their thoughts and feelings openly. I allow the patient to lead the session, and I follow with questions that direct them to their own conclusions.

Amanda Jacques, LMHC, MEd

What Brought You to the Field of Counseling?

In high school my friends would always come to me if they were experiencing anxiety, depression, or relationship issues. I became really invested in helping people work through their struggles, and later realized that I was heading down the path of counseling.

Amanda Jacques, LMHC, MEd

Amanda spent her early career working with children and families throughout Western, Eastern, and Central Massachusetts. She found her niche working with children and teens experiencing behavioral issues in different settings, including schools, inpatient, group homes, early intervention, and outpatient offices.

I found that I could make a real connection with the kids and teens, and help them realize their full potential. It’s so encouraging to see people open up to you, and support them through their journey of self-discovery.

Amanda Jacques, LMHC, MEd

Amanda has worked with children starting at the age of 3 to transitioning from young adulthood to adults. Many of her clients have returned to see her in West Springfield, Wilbraham, and Amherst Massachusetts after stepping out of counseling, or moving away.

What Do You Like About Working in Western MA?

Western Massachusetts will always be home to me. I feel comfortable knowing the environment, the people, and the nuances of Western Mass.

Amanda Jacques, LMHC, MEd

From anticipating the first snowfall of the season, to knowing her Dunkin Donuts order by heart, Amanda feels like Western Massachusetts will always have a special place in her heart.

Amanda grew up in Chicopee Massachusetts, between Springfield and Westfield, where she now resides with her two children.

How Can I Schedule An Appointment with Amanda?

If you’re interested in working with Amanda in our offices around West Springfield, Wilbraham, or Amherst, Massachusetts, you can call us today at (413) 343-4357 or request an appointment online.

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