Reflecting on National Recovery Awareness Month 2022
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Reflecting on National Recovery Awareness Month 2022

September 29, 2022

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Amy Mauro

September is a time of changing seasons. We put away our swimsuits and take out our jackets to prepare for the Autumn and Winter months ahead. Fall brings about a season of reflection. As Summer ends and we prepare for the year to end along with it, we look back on our journey as well as our next steps and the new beginnings to come. This encapsulates our feelings about National Recovery Month (also known as National Recovery Awareness Month). 

National Recovery Month presents an opportunity and a reminder to those going through recovery to reflect on and appreciate the journeys we have gone through already. For many, each day in recovery is a challenge or at least presents adversity in some form. This long and arduous process should be honored and respected. For this reason, we at Handel Behavioral Health are taking time to not only reflect on National Recovery Month, but also offer our support and assistance to anyone going through addiction or mental health recovery.

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What Is National Recovery Awareness Month?

National Recovery Awareness Month, or National Recovery Month, is held in September each year in the United States to educate the public about mental health and addiction recovery. Additionally, this month is a time for showing support and solidarity with those going through recovery. There are millions of people in the United States who struggle with addiction and/or mental illness on a daily basis. Though in recent years there has been much more light shed on these sensitive subjects, we still have a long way to go in this country towards being global leaders of recovery support. 

As a country, we pride ourselves on what is called “The American Dream” wherein someone can rise above their circumstances and create a life of success because of the support and opportunities presented to them by our society. If we want to continue to believe in and promote this dream, we need to continue to strive towards a higher standard of living and how we treat and support those going through recovery. Regardless of where someone stands politically, supporting others, or at least showing them respect and dignity, is a universal ideal. National Recovery Month is a perfect opportunity to showcase that in our daily lives. Taking time to reflect on our own mental health as well as showing empathy for the mental health of others is truly what this month is about.

The Importance of National Recovery Month

Addiction and mental health recovery are difficult and long processes that require all of our focus and effort to succeed. Though we remain focused on the challenges we face day in and day out, it’s important to take time and reflect on the journey behind us and all of the challenges we have already faced and overcome.

The importance of National Recovery Month crosses over many reasons but can be summarized in one: National Recovery Month validates our struggles and journeys through recovery and provides support. One of the most discouraging feelings one can experience during addiction or mental illness is that they are not understood and therefore they are alone. National Recovery Month serves as a reminder that support exists and that our struggles are valid and understood.

Throughout this time, we must look at how we treat those with mental illnesses, those battling addictions, and even how we treat ourselves when going through hard times that may cause anxiety, depression, trauma, or any number of other forms of poor mental health. To become stronger as a community, it’s crucial that we respect those working towards addiction or mental health recovery and treat them, as well as ourselves, with compassion and empathy. 

How to Support Recovery Awareness in 2022

For many years now, the substance abuse and mental illness epidemics in America have grown more and more alarmingly. It’s time to recognize these concerns and make conscious efforts to alleviate and reduce them. Supporting and honoring National Recovery Awareness Month can appear in many forms.

Simple gestures such as sharing links, infographics, and other media can help a great deal in spreading awareness as well as raising money for organizations who are dedicated to advancing our understanding and treatment resources for mental illnesses and addiction problems. Beyond that, reaching out to those we know are struggling through these issues can help directly support the true purpose of this month. If we all take it upon ourselves to be leaders and champions of mental health awareness, we can strengthen communities for those who need them most.

Another great way to give this month meaning is to take time to reflect on our own mental health as well as our coping mechanisms that we use in times of need. After all, the best place to start when trying to make a difference in anything, is right at home with ourselves. The more in touch we are with our own emotional needs, the more we’re able to reach out to and help out others.

Handel Behavioral Health & Recovery Support

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