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Couples Counseling in Massachusetts

Couples Counseling Services in Massachusetts

Being in a relationship or marriage can be one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences a person can have in their life. Despite this, we all know they can often be messy, challenging, and stressful. For the right person, these relationships are worth fighting for and worth the extra effort needed to pursue something better. Sometimes, that means finding a couples counseling program to help you get a better understanding of each other and yourselves.

Being able to identify the root causes of the struggles your relationship may go through at times is an incredibly valuable tool to establishing a healthier relationship and building a stronger bond to last a lifetime. With such a fast-paced world these days, it’s easy to forget the little things in a relationship or take your partner for granted. Adding the stresses of work, school, and raising a family can make things even more difficult to understand and amend. One of the greatest gifts you can bring to a relationship is simply taking the time to seek professional help from an experienced couples counselor. Handel Behavioral Health is here to help you and your partner find strength during those times when you just want to give up. Be sure that HBH will guide you to a better relationship and better mental health.

Do I Need Couples Therapy?

Being able to take a step back and ask yourself this question is a huge step forward in a relationship. You might decide for or against couples counseling after some analysis or your partner might not even agree to what you decide. Regardless of the outcome to this question, you’ll know exactly where your relationship stands and how you can begin to move forward.

Every couple and relationship is different, so there is never any guaranteed formula to make this decision for you. We’ll show you a few factors to consider, but either way, seeking guidance from a trained couples counselor will never be a mistake. Similar to any other counseling or therapy, taking control of your mental health and your life will make you stronger and help you live the life you dream of. Here are some signs to look out for to help you make the right choice:

  • You fight often: This one should seem obvious but to some, we don’t always notice how often we argue until we take time for reflection. When love is involved, we may ignore or forget all the times we’re frustrated with our partner. But this is a sign of long-term problems in a relationship and should not be overlooked.
  • You have different goals for the relationship: What they don’t tell you about “love at first sight” is that you may be two drastically different people with completely different aspirations for life. If one person wants to be married and have children and the other wants to remain casual for a long time, it may be time to talk to a professional to help sort out your goals.
  • You have problems with intimacy or sex: This one can be uncomfortable to discuss at times. But if you or your partner are having trouble getting on the same page about intimacy, affection, and your sex life, there could be a lot below the surface and a couples therapist can help you learn and grow from these issues.
  • The same problems keep coming up: If you’re constantly getting upset over the same issues and there’s no change in either of your behaviors, it’s time to find a professional counselor to help you sort things out. Sometimes just having a fresh ear to discuss your problems with is all it takes to get you back on track.
  • Someone has had an affair or considered cheating: Unfaithfulness in a relationship can cause serious trauma for either party. If it’s happened before or the temptation persists, it’s time to reevaluate goals and even the entire relationship.
  • You have a big life change on the horizon: Not everyone that goes to couples therapy has a rocky or bad relationship. Maybe you’re getting married soon or have a child on the way, maybe you’re moving abroad or considering a career change. During these stressful times, successful couples will put each other first and take time for “maintenance”. Maturity, planning, and respect will always benefit a couple for the long term.
  • You or your partner wants it!: If you both truly want the relationship to succeed and overcome the things that challenge you, you must both be willing to put the effort in. If you’re considering it, chances are you need it. A mature partner will respect the other enough to take this leap together and pursue a better future!

While these are not the only reasons to seek couples therapy, if you identify with any of these factors, a couples counselor at Handel Behavioral Health will be able to help you understand what’s going on and give you the tools and expertise to grow together and move forward.

Our Couples Counseling Program in Massachusetts

Our couples therapists at Handel Behavioral Health know that relationships take effort. We offer a wide range of therapists and counselors with extensive experience. Our goal is to help you improve yourself and your relationships. We strive to provide you:

  • Health communication and coping skills
  • The ability to recognize and solve problems actively
  • A deeper understanding of yourself and your partner
  • Solutions to complex problems
  • Mutual respect 
  • A brighter future

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Handel Behavioral Health has a trained and experienced staff of couples counselors and therapists who are equipped to provide you solutions to problems and tools to help improve your relationship in the long term, even after you finish your programs.

Our team of providers offer couples counseling in our offices in AmherstWest SpringfieldFranklinNatick, and Wilbraham. Many of our couples counselors also offer online counseling across Massachusetts.

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