Child & Adolescent Therapy in Massachusetts
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Child & Adolescent Therapy in Massachusetts

Are you worried about how your child is developing or adjusting to difficult circumstances? Child or adolescent therapy can help you get them back on the right path. As parents, we always want the very best for our children. So it can be incredibly difficult to see them struggle to find their way and if you have a particularly hard time communicating with them, it’s easy for either side to become frustrated and strain the relationship for years to come.

Child and adolescent therapy and counseling in Massachusetts is a great way to provide your children with the support they need, even if you aren’t always the best to do it. Pursuing child or adolescent counseling does not mean you are a bad parent. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

By choosing to find support and counsel for your child, you are giving them one of the greatest gifts a parent can give by helping them heal and develop into highly functional members of society as they grow older.

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Does My Child Need a Therapist?

Growing up in today’s world is as difficult as it’s ever been. Our children and teens are constantly surrounded by social media, explicit content and entertainment, impossible beauty standards, and dozens of different screens and mobile devices constantly flooding them with divisive language and misinformation. This can be incredibly stressful for a young mind who is still learning right from wrong. 

We love our children so when they are having a tough time or you notice a drastic change in behavior, it’s important to be able to take a step back and ask: How can I help my children develop? Why is my child acting out in school? Does my teenager have a substance problem? And most importantly: does my child need a counselor?

There are many reasons to seek therapy for your teen or child and though they may not always agree with the decision, therapy and counseling are proven to help them develop into better adjusted adults, regardless of the circumstances.

Here are 7 reasons to pursue therapy for your child or teen include:

  1. Sudden change in their interests or hobbies
  2. Extreme sadness or anxiety
  3. Trouble focusing or succeeding in school
  4. Social isolation or low self-esteem
  5. Difficulty overcoming loss or grief
  6. Abuse or neglect
  7. Defiant behaviors

Our Child Counseling Services in Massachusetts

Child therapy can be a very delicate process depending on a lot of factors. That is why our experienced child counselors at Handel Behavioral Health take the time to understand both the child and the family, as well as the circumstances around the issues in order to provide individualized care for the child’s unique needs. Our goal is to provide them structure and understanding of the problems they may face so that as they grow and develop, they can face them head-on with healthy coping mechanisms instead of avoidance which will only cause more problems down the road.

Some unique situations to consider child therapy are:

  • Developmental regressions (such as bedwetting or temper tantrums)
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD and ADHD)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Learning disabilities
  • Bullying or trouble making friends

Our Adolescent Therapy Services in Massachusetts

Adolescent counseling and therapy can also present unique challenges along the way. That’s why it’s critical to choose experienced and patient counselors like all of our staff here at Handel Behavioral Health. Adolescents and teens have already developed quite significantly from childhood and their experiences, so being able to identify the roots of their stresses or problems is important in changing their behaviors and creating sustainable pathways for them as they move through high school and college and face more pressures of the outside world.

Here are some of the many unique reasons to consider adolescent counseling:

  • Drug or substance abuse
  • Eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia
  • Relationship troubles or difficulty getting over a breakup
  • Stress from school and college or future planning
  • Difficulty becoming independent

This is a difficult stage of life for everyone. Helping your children find support to help balance and cope with it will prepare them for the future and provide them confidence and experience to overcome challenges later in life.

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Getting your children help for their mental health should be an easy decision and an easy process. Luckily, with the compassionate and experienced mental health professionals at Handel Behavioral Health, you will be confident every step of the way!

We make it easy to find a therapist who fits your schedule and preferences. Our providers offer counseling from our offices in AmherstWest SpringfieldFranklinNatick, and Wilbraham. Many of our couples counselors also offer online counseling across Massachusetts.

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