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Book Recommendation: The Self Love Workbook

March 22, 2023

BOOK RECOMMENDATION by clinician Kiri Jarvis!

I recommend the “The Self Love Workbook,” by Shainna Ali, PhD to pretty much everyone because it does such an incredible job of encouraging self-exploration and improving insight and self-awareness. It prompts the reader to view their inner self with a perspective based solely on love and acceptance.

This workbook truly guides the reader to explore what self-love and wellness means, and I feel like that can be so individualized, which is why the workbook approach can be so helpful. The journaling prompts and workbook exercises highlight the information taught and really gets the reader thinking in new, creative ways.

Self-love is an integral part of happiness, and it should be explored and nurtured. I believe that people deserve to love themselves in the most authentic way possible, and this workbook will absolutely help them do that.